ISTVÁN EGRI – Glass Artist

“I was born in 1963, on the 7 th of May, in Cluj, Romania. My parents, both artists, are Nagy Enikő, painter, cloisonne enamel and painted enamel artist, awarded at several international symposia, and Egri László – my father, painter and glass artist. My father was part of the first generation of professional artists that was included in the glass industry in the country to organize its design departments. He worked for 8 years at the glass factory in Turda and after that he founded the glass department within the ceramics department of the Ion Andreescu Institute of Fine Arts in Cluj. I finished secondary school specializing in precision mechanics and optics at the Industrial High School No. 8 in Cluj. I took the first entrance exam to enter the Ion Mincu University of Architecture in Bucharest, but my performance in mathematics did not secure me a place, so starting the next year I turned to arts, respectively to the Design department of the Ion Andreescu Institute of Fine Arts in Cluj (now the Academy of Arts and Design). While preparing for admission, I have worked as a pipe glassblower at the Napochim Glass Factory in Cluj. In 1985 I passed the entrance examination and became its student. During the years spent at this faculty, I worked with glass for numerous semester projects, such as the chess project or the perfume bottles project. Also during those years I worked with my father on several projects of stained glass, such as the stained glass from the Roman Catholic Church in Tușnad Băi, the Reformed Church in Dej etc.

After the changes in 1989, I took an exam and continued my studies at the Institute of Applied Arts in Budapest (now the Moholy Nagy Laszlo University of Art) – the glass department. I had teachers artists like Bohus Zoltan and Horvath Marton. During those years of study, the years before the faculty spent as a pipe glassblower were of great help to me. Often, during the practical courses within factories, I was the one blowing and executing the projects of my colleagues and teachers. I passed my graduation exam in 1993. Back to Cluj in 1995, with my first big order ever, the restoration of the Calvaria Roman Catholic Church in Cluj, I opened my stained glass workshop in Cluj, a workshop which operates uninterrupted until this day, under different legal forms. I became a member of the Romanian Restorers Union since it was founded. I got the qualification of Stained Glass Restoration Expert on movables in 2007 and the accreditation of Stained Glass Restoration Specialist on real estate in 2012, both issued by the Ministry of Culture of Romania.”

I have numerous restoration and stained glass works, both in public buildings and private villas throughout the country and abroad:


1999, Member of UAP, the Union of Fine Artists in Romania
Member of the Barabas Miklos Ceh Guild

1998-2007, several articles on stained glass in the following magazines: “Căminul”, “Casa Lux”, “Good Homes” and in the local press. Several appearances on the following TV channels: TV1, Pro TV, Duna TV, Realitatea TV, Klub TV, appearances with stories on stained glass

1998-2001, present with a stand at the International Symposium on Restoration in Tușnad Băi

Exhibitions held within the Introductory Courses in Restoration organized by Transilvania Trust, with the theme: Specific cases of stained glass restorations: Augsburg, Canterbury
2012-2015 exhibition with artists in the field of stained glass invited in the Roth Miksa Memorial House in Budapest

2010-2016 annual participation in the Barabas Miklos Ceh exhibitions in Cluj.


1994 the Reformed Church in Uriu, Dej
1995-1996 the “Adormirea Maicii Domnului” Roman Catholic Church in Mănăştur – “Calvaria”, Cluj-Napoca
1996-1997 the Evangelical Church in Bistriţa
1997-1998 the “MIHAI VITEAZUL” National College in Turda
1998-1999 the “Lucian Blaga” Central University Library in Cluj-Napoca
1998-1999 the Orthodox Church (former Evangelical) in Tărpiu, Bistriţa
1998-1999 the “Sf. Emeric” Roman Catholic Church in the village of Ghelinta, Covasna
2000-2001 the “Sf. Ioan Botezătorul“ Roman Catholic Church, Covasna
2000-2001 the Calvin Reformed Church in Turda-Poiana, Turda
2004 the Reformed Church in Cehu Silvaniei
2004-2005 the “Sfântul Ştefan” Roman Catholic Church, Baia Mare
2004-2006 the Reformed Church on Farkas Street, Cluj-Napoca
2006 the White Tower, Brașov
2006 the History Museum in Turda
2006 the Reformed Church in Sisterea, Bihor County
2007 the Reformed Church in Abram, Bihor County
2006 the Reformed Church in Luncani, Cluj County
2009 the Reformed Parish, the Protestant Center in Timișoara (the place of the outbreak of the 1989 revolution)
2009 the “Sf. Mihail” Roman Catholic Church, Cluj-Napoca
2009 the “Sfânta Treime” Roman Catholic Church, Baia Mare
2011 the Roman Catholic Church of Piarists in Cluj-Napoca
2011 the Evangelical Church in Baia Mare, phase 2
2011 the Evangelical Church in Bistrița, phase 2
2011-2012 the “Sfântu Mihail” Roman Catholic Cathedral, Alba Iulia
2011 the Marton Aron High School in Miercurea Ciuc, stained glass restoration
2012-2013 the Budavari Matyas Catholic Church, Budapest, Hungary, commissioned by GLASS.HU, led by restorer Czebe Istvan
2013 the Evangelical Church in Bistrita, phase 3
2013 the “Sfântu Mihail” Roman Catholic Cathedral, Alba Iulia, phase 3
2014 the Reformed Church in Bezid, Mureș County
2015 the No. 1 Central Reformed Church on Kogălniceanu Street, Cluj
2015 the Roman Catholic Church in Joseni
2016 the Moșna Evangelical Church, Mediaș


1996 the Ecumenical Chapel in Salina Praid, Praid
1996 Hotel Best Western Topaz, Cluj-Napoca
1998 the Romanian Orthodox Chapel of the Oncology Hospital in Cluj
1985 the Roman Catholic Church in Băile Tuşnad
1998 the Orthodox Church in Ocna Dej
1998 New Croco Pizza Restaurant, Cluj-Napoca
2000-2003 the “Sfinții Împărați Constantin și Elena” Church in Răcădău, Braşov
2002 Cluj – the “Sf. Mare Mucenic Gheorghe” Orthodox Church (Gruia quarter), Cluj-Napoca
2004 Cluj – the “Adormirea Maicii Domnului” Orthodox Church (Mănăştur cemetery), Cluj-Napoca
2004 the“Schimbarea la Faţă” Greek Catholic Cathedral in Cluj
2004 the Reformed Church in Bonţida, Cluj
2007 the “Înăltarea Sfintei Cruci” Orthodox Church in Cluj-Napoca
2007 the Reformed Church in Finişel, Cluj-Napoca
2008-2009 the Orthodox Episcopacy of Alba Iulia
2009 the Reformed Church in Oşorhei, Bihor County
2010 Best Western Balvanyos Conference & Spa Hotel
2011 the “Sfântu Ștefan” Roman Catholic Church in Cluj-Napoca
2012 the Unitarian Church in Miercurea Ciuc
2012 the Marton Aron High School in Miercurea Ciuc, stained glass reconstruction
2012 The KOVER BELA Puppet Theatre in Szeged, Hungary
2013 Ape Minerale Tușnad, “Casa Izvorului”
2013 Jazz Café, Târgu Secuiesc
2015 the National Theatre of Satu Mare, stained glass, lighting objects concept, chandelier restoration
2015 the Pentecostal Church in Tulcea
2015 the National Bank of Romania, Baia Mare
2016 the Orthodox Church in Cornetu, Ilfov County
2016 the Orthodox Church in the Iris Quarter, Cluj-Napoca

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